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Australian Bushfire for violin and piano

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Chamber Music / Instrumental Music / Strings - violin and piano

"Australian Bushfire", for violin and piano - duration approx. 6 minutes

Composed January 2002

Recorded for CD at Studio 301 in Sydney, November 2003

Artists: Glen Murray (Australian violinist), Natalia Raspopova (Russian pianist)

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In composing "Australian Bushfire" Rosalind Carlson takes you into her past background with vivid childhood memories of many bushfires which passed by her home in Wahroonga (N.S.W., Australia)

She writes:

This music is somewhat volatile, for I am tracing the course of the bushfire from its inception in the distance to its devastating damage as it passes in fury.  Then the crying of the land once the fire passes, and the future renewal of the bush that will follow in time, with the regrowth of new shoots.

As a child our family lived in the bush.  Each summer I witnessed bushfires at close range.  It was one of the most dramatic happenings in my young life.  The smell of the fire would first alert us.  Because we lived on a high ridge with a panoramic view over the local valleys we could see the smoke travelling in the gullies towards our home in Wahroonga (N.S.W. Australia).

So I witnessed these events annually, watching fires develop with flames leaping from treetops to treetops, the crackling in the undergrowth, the wind turbulence fanning the flames, the heat, excitement and colour, and the blackness of the scorched land, once the bushfire had passed on.

These experiences, vividly remembered, I have endeavoured to generate into this composition for violin and piano.  Mood changes to describe the various stages and the developments of the bushfire are found throughout.  Brief notes are written on the score to enable a clear insight to the performer for an accurate interpretation of Australian Bushfire.

The various stages of this bushfire in the music score are:

Live Performances

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