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Rosalind Carlson Hobbies : Chickens
As a hobby Rosalind raises rare breed chickens. Her basic aim and interest here, is to help preserve a range of these birds, so they are available for the public. To do this she supplies both birds and fertile eggs to breeders as well as to backyard family enthusiasts throughout Australia. She sees this as her small contribution to the preservation and longevity of these birds. Besides the interesting appearances of these chickens, there is also interest in the variety of coloured eggs they lay. Rosalind specialises in lavender Araucanas. The Araucanas originally came to Australia from Chile - South America. These chickens lay blue shelled eggs and are considered to be the most intelligent of the chicken world. They are very responsive and have a lovely nature. The Araucanas make wonderful pets, So, in the rare breed line of chickens, Rosalind has:- 1. South American lavender Araucanas for their blue shelled eggs. 2. Dutch Silver Spangled Hamburghs for their pure white shelled eggs. 3. French Marans, both Wheaten and Black Coppers, for their chocolate brown shelled eggs. Hobbies : Jam for Charity
Rosalind has many fruit trees growing on her proprty in Arcadia. As a result, she decided that she would jam the excess fruit. So far for the last 25 years she has made a wide variety of jams which she sells and gives all the proceeds to charity. Popular examples are fig and ginger, guava, nectarine, plum, mulberry, marmalade, feijoa and strawberry. This jam making venture has netted $25,000 for charity.
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"I consider myself to be a grass roots composer because my inspiration is derived from nature." - Rosalind Carlson
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