Rosalind Carlson

t/a Flexi-Fingers

P.O. Box 3304

Dural NSW 2158


Contact Information:



P 02 9653 1066

F 02 9653 4338



P +61 2 9653 1066

F +61 2 9653 4338

Freight charges are $15.00 AUD for overseas orders.


G.S.T. does not apply for international customers.


NB: All orders are in Australian Dollars

"I consider myself to be a grass roots composer because my inspiration is derived from nature."

- Rosalind Carlson



How to Order

For your convenience there are four options available:

1.  Order Online - pay by credit card

To purchase using your credit card, please order via the Australian Music Centre.  To order, select the following link, then click on the link that says "Browse works by Rosalind Carlson".

Click on this link to get to the Australian Music Centre


2.  Order by Phone - pay by cheque, money order or direct deposit

To place an order over the phone, please call Rosalind Carlson directly on the following number.

Phone: (02) 9653 1066    (international: +61 2 9653 1066)

Rosalind will be happy to discuss any of the works that you are interested in before you place the order.


3.  Order by Mail - pay by cheque, money order or direct deposit

To place an order by mail, please click on the Order Form icon on the top of the page, download the form and complete the order. Print the order form using the print option in your browser and send the printed order form, together with your cheque, money order, or direct deposit receipt to the following address:


Rosalind Carlson


P.O. Box 3304

Dural  NSW  2158



4.  Order Online - pay by direct deposit

To place an order online, please complete the order form.  Select the "online payment" option to make a Direct Deposit (i.e. via Internet Banking).  The order form will prompt you to make the payment before submitting the order.

Click on this link to get to the on line order form

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