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Flexi-Fingers: What People Say?

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Graphic Technique Piano Books

What people say about the Graphic Technique Piano Books by Rosalind Carlson

1.  "Flexi-Fingers for Beginning Pianists" - Graphic Technique Piano Tutor (1992)
2.  "Flexi-Fingers Work Book" (1993) 
3.  "Flexi-Fingers Five Concert Pieces" (1993) 


"When I do the action, I see the pictures" says eight year old pianist Lachlan Mansell, after ten month's tuition on Flexi-Fingers books.


"I would like to say 'Thankyou', as I enjoy and benefit immensely from your 'Flexi-Fingers' (all three books)"  Stephanie Hsia (an adult piano student)


"This unusual holistic approach to piano technique by music educator Rosalind Carlson, is an innovative and exciting development, providing an imaginative and attractive method that will ensure technical and musical success for the young beginner." Dr Rita Crews - eminent musicologist (Sydney)


"The genius of this teaching method is in its appeal to the imagination."  Sandra Rowland  B.A.  Dip. Ed., T. Cert. (Syd.)


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