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Graphic Technique Piano Books:

1.  "Flexi-Fingers for Beginning Pianists" - Graphic Technique Tutor (1992)
2.  "Flexi-Fingers Work Book for Pianists" - Extension Piano Technique Pieces (1993)

Rosalind Carlson says about these books

"My graphic approach is unique.  I developed this visual approach in my studio with piano students over a 5 year period.  Here I taught the vital and basic actions needed to play the keyboard correctly.

"Then I published my findings and teaching method in these books.  The method has proved to be most successful in this pedagogy area.

"A double page spread of drawings was initially aimed to target the young child who had not developed reading skills as yet.  Here such children could then be taught by rote.  However, in reality, this double page spread has become a conceptual synopsis of all the actions required.  It is used by adults as well as by children.

"You will realise that the actions are exaggerated in the initial learning stages of these graphics, but then reduced in the playing exercises No. 2 - 20 in the graphic tutor for "Beginning Pianists".

"The "Work Book" (like maths extension exercises) is a series of 30 short pieces to extend the graphic actions.  Note the correlation in the drawings and numbering system between these two books.

"These books are exclusively aimed at keyboard technique.  However, the "Work Book" is also used as a sight-reading tutor because the 30 short pieces are graded in degree of difficulty, which makes this book a useful tool in this pedagogy area.  These two books are most successful in developing a firm foundation for excellent piano technique."

Books published by Flexi-Fingers 1992-3.

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