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Hear the Angels Sing (soprano solo)

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Vocal Solo - Soprano solo

"Hear the Angels Sing" (1999 - 2000) - duration approx. 5 minutes

Because of the popularity of the melody "Hear the Angels Sing" in Rosalind Carlson's choral miniature cantata (by that name), the composer decided in the year 2000 to take out this melody, to modify it, and to arrange it for soprano solo, with piano accompaniment.

In this format, the song is about 5 minutes in duration.

"Hear the Angels Sing" with soprano solo was nominated "Song of the Year" in the Classical APRA/AMC Vocal awards in 2003.

It is recorded on the Carlson Chorale's C.D. "Australian Sunrise" (2002).

Published by Flexi-Fingers.

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